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Re: Sorry for the length

Originally posted by footlocker
This forum is full of people that do the same thing.

The rediculous part is these parents from the begining of their child's sports careers are yelling at officials.

Coaches that read this forum, when you coach you team, are you yelling at the officials? Ever tell parents not to yell at the refs?
footlocker -- overall, I agree with your observation. Just a couple of minor points of disagreement:

I do think that refs who come onto this forum contentiously, and insist that they're always right, mostly don't last. There are a few, but for the most part folks on this board are here to learn, and I've seen almost everyone back down at one time or another -- or be proven correct, such as the Dinosaur.

The part about coaches that read this forum is well spoken in the form of questions. ANY coach that lasts here is not screaming at the refs very often at all. And most do rein in their parents.

That's the disagreement part, but it is definitely true that the best players and the best coaches don't blame others and that far too many parents and players do. My daughter's coach (who was black, as were my daughter and 90% of her teammates) would say to the team, "You have to be good enough to play through the prejudice refs."
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