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Sorry for the length

I've got to say it.

I'm disgusted with this attitude that nothing is my fault. I just watched a tape of a game I did a couple of weeks ago. Man, I made some mistakes. But our society has become this ridiculous blame game. Nothing is "my fault." Who can I blame? Refs are an easy target. If not us, then probably the coaches. This is also the reason so many players hate their opponents- their cheaters that stand in the way of their god given right to perform well and win the game. This message is all over TV, with commercials of lawyers explaining how they can blame your misfortune on someone else for a big pay day.

This forum is full of people that do the same thing. A very common theme here is when one official makes a post and takes a stand too prematurely and is more interested in being right and justifying their original post than fessing up and admitting when they are wrong. We need to take responsibility for mistakes. (feel free to remind me of this post when I get like this.)

The rediculous part is these parents from the begining of their child's sports careers are yelling at officials. Teaching the child that someone else is to blame and that if victory is deprived it is not because of the child it is some other excuse- the weather, the coach, opponents, bad knee, and the favorite-THE REFS. Children grow up not thinking that they should work harder, shoot a few more free throws, a few more sprints, more ball handling-. Rather they believe that troubles in life are someone else's fault.

Coaches that read this forum,

When you coach you team, are you yelling at the officials? Ever tell parents not to yell at the refs? Ever pull a kid because his mom or dad won't shut up? Do you realize that when you are yelling at an official, you are teaching the players to attribute misfortune extrinsically rather than take responsibility?
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