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I can't remember if I posted this before or not.....A few weeks ago I was doing a girls JV game which followed a boys JV game. My partner was also doing the boys game. He evidently got yelled at quite a bit by the fans and coaches.
He was a little shaken by it. As I got ready to take us out to the floor, the game administrator said that there were some angry parents waiting for us. I told him that "We would not see nor hear them RIGHT?!" He said yes, came back a few minutes later and escorted us to the floor. Never saw nor heard any parents. In the first half there is a parent in the stands yelling and screaming like crazy. I look up at him and it appears that he makes a universal hand gesture to me. At the half I mention this to the game administrator and just asked that they kind of keep an eye on him. I said it very casual like. When we go back on to the floor for the second half here is a policeman and two big guys with SECRUITY on their jackets, standing on the floor and just looking up at this guy. The game starts and after a few minutes they leave without ever speaking to him, they just looked at him. We do not hear even a peep out of that guy for the rest of the game. I called the assistant prinicpal the next day and expressed my appreciation for a job well done by their people.
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