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Originally posted by Back In The Saddle
Originally posted by SMEngmann
...except maybe if the mouthy assistant is the varsity HC in the JV game.
How do you deal with this situation?
Had sort of this situation last night. BJV game, assistant coach (home varsity) was sitting at the end of the gym in the doorway to the coach(es) office. Couple of times up and down the court, he had smart-a** comments. Finally told him he did not have a dog in that fight and to keep his comments to himself. He told me I was officiating at the right level (meaning JV - I am a varsity official doing a FB/JV doubleheader). I had the AD remove him from that area. One of the varsity crew members (3-person) did not show and I became the 3rd. Imagine the look of surprise on the face of the assistant when he saw me in the varsity game. I just smiled and smiled.
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