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Sounds like you handled it perfectly. The way the rule is right now, the asst. coach is not allowed to do much more than hold a clipboard. What I like to do is, verbally inform the head coach and asst coach, along with giving the stop signal, that I have had enough. This is useful when looking at game tape as it is clear that you addressed the problem and gave the coach(es) an out. After that it is on the head coach to be sure that the asst. coach doesn't cost the team, especially down the stretch.

Hopefully you notified your partner of the warning, and they were their job of backing you up. There is nothing worse than looking at your partner and it appears that you are being "sold down the river." It is equally important that since you are likely the "unknown" official in most games, that you back up your partner as well. You are most likely to be the one with a target on your back, so just let the coaches know where the line is and take action as necessary.

My two cents worth.
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