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Last night I was officiating 7th & 8th Surburban boys game. It was a very close game with about 5 minutes to play. Team A is up by 4 points. Assistant coach of Team B was running his mouth. Saying, foul, over the back, traveling, etc...
I politely went over to the assistant coach and said coach, I have heard enough, please be quiet and he complied.I didn't want to T him up because the game was close and I really didn't want to punish the kids, for the action of their assistant coach. Soon as I went to take my position as the lead official, I hear the assistant start to yack again right in front of my P. You know what happened wham my partner T him up, not once but twice. See ya later, four free throws all good, possession 3 pointer, bam 7 quick points now Team B is down by 11, game over, thanks coach.
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