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Originally posted by gsf23
I also think that it is a good idea, but I think you have to seperate out the T's for sportsmanship and the T's for other thing like the kid reaching out of bounds, but then again, sometimes extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. From the sound of the letter it seems like this league is getting out of control.
Good point. The NBA already has a rule similar to the recommendation you are asking, and I think asking for an NBA-style technical foul rule, separating the T into Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Non-Unsportsmanlike Conduct fouls is fair. In the NBA, technical fouls for leaving the coach's box in an accidental reason, illegal defense (in the NBA, it's defensive three seconds, but there are many youth leagues with illegal defense guidelines), delay of game, the extreme circumstance above, six players on the court, and when a team has only five players remaining and one player fouls out (That player can stay in the game at the expense of a technical foul.) are all non-unsportsmanlike conduct technical fouls. No ejections are possible for those technical fouls.

And if a league is for fun, would it be feasible to use an NBA-style rule when no players are on the bench because of fouling out, a no-foul-out rule goes into effect, a single bonus free throw added on all fouls, offensive or defensive, with an offensive foul or a non-shooting, non-penalty foul by a player with five or more being one free throw and the ball? That way five players would be guaranteed on the court at all times.
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