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Re: What free throws are correctable?

Originally posted by DJ
I also thought that free throws by the wrong player were corredtable errors?
They are.

But this wasn't FTs by the wrong player.

Look, if A1 gets the 5th foul, but the table doesn't let us know for a few minutes, during which A1 gets a steal, socres a basket, commits a TO, we don't go back and "undo" all of that -- it's not correctable. The FT situation is no different.

In fact, even if the table does let the officials know, and the officials decide to let A1 shoot before s/he goes to the bench (since the ball will be dead after the last shot anyway), it's not correctable. It's a "substitution error" (yes, I made that term up), not FTs by the wrong shooter. The FED had a specific interp on this a few years ago.

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