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Situation: Player A is fouled, and Team A is in the double bonus. After foul is called, Player A and Player B, face off and start to "mouth" to one another, a double technical is called. Player A goes to the line to shot his double bonus foul shots. After first shot is made, horn blows and the scorer informs the referee that the technical foul on Player A, was his fifth foul. So you now see the situation that we have found ourselves in. Player A has already shot and made one free throw, he is entitled to a second attempt, but he is now a "disqualified player"...What should happen from here?? Do you let Player A shot his second shot and then replace him, or do you count his first one, since he or the officials didnt know he had fouled out, and make his sub shoot foul shot two? or do you remove the first fould shot and make Player A's sub shoot both free throws? I can not find this situation in any "Case Book"..Please give me your opinion and where in the rule book is this covered.
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