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Hey y'all. This is in response to the post I had last week about my horrible Saturday. I recieved a forwarded e-mail from the recreational specialist about technical fouls in the 13-15 age division. Tell me what you think:

To: All 13-15 coaches and players


Date: February 4, 2004

Re: Technical Fouls

Due to the overwhelming number of technical fouls being issued in this age division, I will be enforcing a different set of rules from now through the rest of the season. Any player receiving a technical foul must come out of the game immediately and will not be allowed to re-enter. Any player receiving two technical fouls from now through the rest of the season will no longer be eligible to play. Depending on the offense, some players may have additional consequences. Any coach receiving a technical foul will be asked to leave the gym immediately, and after receiving two technical fouls will no longer be able to coach. Any fouls received up to this point will not count toward any player or coach.

The purpose of our basketball league is to teach participants the rules, fundamental skills, and strategies of basketball, while having fun. Good sportsmanship is required of all coaches and players. Our Coaches Contract and Code of Ethics that all coaches signed states:

I will show respect and good will toward my players, parents, opponents, referees, and administrators.

I will refrain from the use of profanity and not tolerate its use by others.

I will be a model of sportsmanship for my players.

I will discuss discrepancies with the referees in a calm and quiet manner and not engage in emotional outbursts with referees, staff, coaches, players, parents, or fans.

I will give every child an equal opportunity to play.

All players should abide by these guidelines as well. Our referees are not perfect, but I have yet to see any that are. They do the best that they can, and any problems that you may have should be discussed with them in a calm, quiet manner. If you do not feel like they have addressed the problem, then please talk with me immediately. Players should also respect the officials at all times.

Players should all receive equal playing time without being warned by scorekeepers. Playing one player an entire game because you only have 2 point guards and one didn’t come to the game will no longer be tolerated. Your team needs to be versatile enough so that every player gets an equal amount of playing time every game regardless of who shows up.

The referees are aware of these new rules, and have been instructed to give technical fouls when the guidelines listed above are not followed. Please make your players aware of this so that we can continue the season showing good sportsmanship. Thank you for your cooperation!

I can see where she is coming from...I'm a little iffy about it, though. I understand it's a recreational league, and that's where the support of it comes in. What do you think?
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