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Welcome to the club. I too started at 13 (I'm now 27). I started calling in my local rec league with my father working 2nd-4th graders and moved up quickly to the point that I was calling HS rec ball as a high schooler. (That was a little weird when you go to school witha guy the day after fouling him out of a game). My advice for you is:

1. work as many games as you can (within reason). Don't do a huge number in one day (I used to do 5 in a day and that was about as much as I could concentrate)
2. Look sharp. Clean uniform, shirt tucked in, Fox 40 whistle, clean black shoes.
3. Learn from others including reading this site and asking veteran officials questions.
4. Find a mentor.
5. Read your rule book often. You have to know things backwards and forwards, especially since coaches will question young officials more than older ones. I still get questioned a lot at the high school level stricktly because I look much younger than 27.
6. Don't expect to shoot right up the ladder. It takes time to make the next level. I didn't work college ball until this season. You have to be patient.
7. HAVE FUN!!!
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