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A few hints that i've been given by veteran officials, or that i have read on this board, or that i have learned from experience.

1. Never blow the whistle, BLAST IT!!!!
2. Use your voice, make sure everyone that needs to can hear your call
3. Use nice crisp signals
4. Use only the mechanics specified in the manual.
5. Keep your shoes shiny, and your uniform clean and presentable.
6. Don't worry about when coaches b*tch and moan about the calls you are making. The majority of the time, you're right and they don't know the rules.

I'm not sure if i read this on this forum, or someone said this at one of my association meetings, but its an invaluable piece of advice that you'll do well to follow.

Always tuck your whistle inside your shirt when you go to the bathroom.

I can relate to your posistion, because when i started officiating, i was 15. The one thing i learned about reffing when your this young is, not to expect high school level games. I've been doing this for 2 years now, and i'm still waiting for my first high school game. I get the high level grade school stuff, and i've done a few gold medal games for tournaments involving kids under grade 8, but no high school games.

Its good to start at a young age, because you have more time and oppertunities in your life to advance up the officiating ladder.

You might want to contact your local officials association and see about joining it. They might have age restrictions. I know that my association has a by-law that states no new memebers can join unless they've attained their 16th birthday before midnight august 31st of the current year. But it never hurts to inquire.

Good Luck!!!

P.S. You have the same dream I do!!

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