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Originally posted by footlocker
A1 takes the ball, while dribbling, and passes the ball (with one hand) by pushing it towards another player. The player he passed to (A2) was not expecting it and took off. A1 runs after his own pass and recovers it with a bat to the floor where he continues his dribble.
Ok, so we have a dribble by A1, then we have a bat by A1 toward another player, then we have another bat by A1, which bounces to the floor.

Seems to me that there is one piece of information missing here. What happened between the two bats? If the ball touched the floor between the two bats, then the play is legal. But if A1 batted the ball into the air towards A2 and then batted it again before it touched the ground, we have a violation. (FED 4-15-2 "ART. 2 . . . During a dribble the ball may be batted into the air provided it is permitted to strike the floor before the ball is touched again with the hand(s).)

I agree that the original post sounds like it was probably a bounce pass from A1 toward A2, but if not, then we have a problem.
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