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Just got my schedule for the remainder of the season this past Friday. Actually, starting this past Friday, my schedule through 2/19 shows 36 games -- including rec games. It is a mixture of F/JV/V, some clocks, and a couple of days of MS boys. I guess you can call it a "varied schedule".

Had 2 B-18 rec games last night and my partner told me those 2 games made a total of 9 games for him that day. In addition, he would be starting today's games at 7:00 am. I think he has a couple of screws loose to be doing that many games - he is 54. I'm 60, and I might do a 3-game set on either Sat. or Sun., but I won't do this on both days. I like to officiate as much as anyone, but enough is enough.
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