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Originally posted by davidw
Originally posted by rainmaker
Originally posted by Mark Padgett
They seem to win the state title virtually every year.
9 of the last 12, to be exact.

Everybody's been saying that OC is beatable this year, but LO is the first to pull it off. I am such a fan of the underdog, and so often, the underdog can't get out from under. But today, the birds are singing, the sky is blue, God's in His heaven, all's right with the world, because Oregon City got beat. Little guys everywhere, take heart! There's hope in you yet! Oregon City got beat!

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I'm the Oregon City coach and you're never calling any of my games!
Seriously, it would be a big relief. Whenever I have one of their games, I find it very difficult to be objective. Of course, they usually win by so much that my little bias doesn't make any difference, but in a close game like this, it would matter. Don't quite know what I'll do when the time comes.
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