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Boys vs. Girls

I was reffing a pair of freshman games last Saturday. I hear what the fans say but I don't listen. To me, it seemed like the parents of the girls were yelling at the players, in other words, "coaching" them. During the boys game the parents seemed to be yelling at the officials, a more "traditional" approach. I think parents of girls are more protective and the dads assume the girls don't know much about basketball out there. Maybe if they worked with their kids in the driveway more instead of turning them over to organized teams, they'd learn more. One of the biggest changes in sports in the last 30 years is that kids don't play pickup games after school anymore. Everything is 'organized', e.g., rec leagues, park board leagues, etc. It must have to do with both parents working now. Kids are missing out on the 'fun' of sports. We didn't need parents to organize everything for us to have fun.
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