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I may have mentioned the game I had a couple of weeks ago, girls Christian private school game. The coaches, administration, and parents are convinced that if one of their girls is touched, it has to be a foul. Heaven forbid one of them hits the floor. It's gotta be an intentional or flagrant foul. In any case, here are some examples of what happened:

Coach comes ACROSS the floor, at the 6 min. mark, to myself and one partner while the R was at the table, to tell us how HE want the game called. Meanwhile, the R is learning that the lineup hasn't been submitted to the table. Coach is more concerned about how HE wants us to perform our job than he is about doing his own job.

Coach has three girls get injured in the game. A foul was called during each of the for situations. On the final injury, the parent came onto the floor and is yelling at me that I allowed his daughter to get hurt. Of course, Barney Fife is outside, getting a doughnut. Actually, the foul didn't even cause the injury. After the foul and the call, the girl just flops to the floor, like someone has just shot here in the head. She bangs her head on the concrete floor.

Then some man comes on the floor, gets in my face, and tells me that we are going to have to start calling the game closer! I back up, inquire exactly WTH are you, although I don't use those words. He informs me he is the AD, to which I reply that doesn't give him a right to storm onto the floor and tell us how the game is going to be called.

After a short break and conference to restore order, we finish the last 5 minutes of the game. We called 11 fouls on each team in the 1st half, and 10 and 8 in the 2nd half. None of the fouls involved excessive contact nor were they intentional or flagrant in nature. We were consistent throughout.

Oh, the best part! The AD took an a$$ chewing from my booking supervisor when he called to complain about us!
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