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Originally posted by CYO Butch
Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
Originally posted by CYO Butch
He responds back, "No possession, coach." I think about it for half a second, was embarassed to have yelled anything at all, and call back to him "I know, just wishing!" He smiled and went with the game. I became a total fan of the guy because of his court presence.
Coach, you would have better off in this situation with an official that had a little more rules knowledge, and a little less "presence".

That should start it,eh?
Yeah, it would have given us one more posession. However, compared to last week, when the officials were the weakest I've come across, he was pretty darn good. This call was the only issue I could find the whole game, and he handled is so well that I'd still take him for any games we play. Maybe he's not the best with the book, but he's very good on the court. He was always in position, made the early held ball calls (girls game), and showed a great deal of respect for the players and the coaches while maintaining control. There was plenty of incidental contact the whole game, but the fouls that were called were the right ones. We had more call against us than for us, but they were all good calls. He may never make it very high, but for where he is (MS CYO) he does the job.
I'm not ripping you or the official, but something you wrote stuck out.

Why is making an early held ball call a good thing? A held ball occurs when opponents have their hands so firmly on the ball that control cannot be obtained without undue roughness.

NOT when two players from opposite teams touch the ball at the same time.

NOT when the ball is laying in the midst of a pile of players.

Sorry, but this is one of my pet peeves. Call it a held ball when it actually is, by rule, a held ball.
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