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Originally posted by CYO Butch
Team A has the ball. It is slapped loose and bounces off several sets of hands. Mad scramble for loose ball, with each team touching it a couple of times before A1 chases after it. A1 touches in in front court, but doesn't gain control until backcourt. I (as team B coach) call out "backcourt", not too loudly, but loud enough for the official across from me to hear. He responds back, "No possession, coach." I think about it for half a second, was embarassed to have yelled anything at all, and call back to him "I know, just wishing!" He smiled and went with the game. I became a total fan of the guy because of his court presence. In retrospect, I don't know if the call was totally correct or not, but frankly, I didn't care a bit.

Now the question, did A loose team control while the ball was being batted around? If not, did my official make the right call?

Thats the old, cant be last to touch in FC, then first to touch in BC deal.

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