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Was doing a 4A varsity game the other night when the horn blows at approx. 4 minutes into the game. Scorer has lost track of the score. It was a very fast pace game and I as ref had some what of an idea of the score but not certain. We use official scorers from our association so I confer with them and see that they don't have it right. We have radio and a home book but no one from the visiting team. We come up with the score to be 11 to 11 which I know is off a little but can I use radio? We go with the official book and play on. When I go to report my next foul low and behold here is the asst. coach from the home team sitting at the table next to the timer. I don't think this is a very good idea so I ask him to leave and he refuses in a nice way and tells me to talk to the head coach because he told him to sit there. I ask the head coach to remove him from the table and the answer I get is "show me in the book where it says he can't sit there" Well I don't have any snickers and I knew it would be a while because I don't carry my books and wasn't going to show him anyway. Needless to say I wasn't going to get any help there so I used a bench tech on the asst. coach which was an inderect on the head coach and loss of the coaches box. Was I correct in doing this or what would you have done in this situation. If the person was a score keeper I probably would not care but this was an asst. coach.
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