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Originally posted by ChuckElias
Originally posted by SteveF
While A1 has the ball team B gets up and proceeds to leave the gym. In doing so they are cutting across the corner of the court on which A1 is attempting his shot. The hallway which their locker room is in is just to the left of the lane. Is there anything that could have been called and what rules would back that up.
Sure. Every team member that is on the corner of the court is violating the FT provisions about where players may be positioned. Additionally, every team member that is on the playing court has entered the court illegally. Additionally, every team member (and every asst. coach) that is standing is violating the bench decorum provisions.

So depending on your mood, you've got disconcertion or other FT violations, or any number of technical fouls you can assess.

Ok, I'm being a little silly. But only a little. The period isn't over, the ball is live. Team B is not allowed to leave their bench or to be on the floor. I would call a FT violation, get everybody back to the bench and re-administer. (I don't even care if they're standing while we re-administer, just get them out of the way.)

I am with you Chuck. I think that you covered the situation very well.

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