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Originally posted by Luv2Ref
My question still is if this play is run to success in the earlier quarters for a goal, how does a warning make up for the 2or3 points score illegally? In a close game!
I understand the prev. officiating part but this play has a direct affect on the outcome of game.

I also would take into account how much advantage was gained by the screen on the defender. If it really affected play. However, it seems the play discription at the beginning of this post seemed clear a distint advantage was gained for a goal? How does a casual warning make up for this? I believe more varsity coaches know this rule than we give them credit for.

Did anyone see the play on TV where the kid runs in doorway, down the hallway adjacent to the gym and back into the gym in 2nd doorway to get open for a game winning hoop!
Again, I realize this one is a little more obvious to call, however, the made bucket remains the same.
Mathematically you are correct. but every game has ebbs and flows, players and coaches make decisions and plays based on scores, and I am of the school of thought that two points early doesn't really decide a game, despite all points counting equal.

If I am going to allow three consecutive baskets by the opposition before a TO, or set a point spread where I will call a TO to adjust what we are doing, then an early basket gets us to that point a bit quicker, but does not change the outcome - we adjust and it has or doesn't have it's desired outcome. Give somebody two points as the clock runs out, I can't do anything about it now. That is why it is absolutely essential that refs get the last two minutes of a close game right, because a mistake there has far more impact in that teams have no chance to recover.
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