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Originally posted by Luv2Ref
I dont understand why you say it would be ok to call a T last 2 seconds of close game but not before. What if it were a tie game in 2nd or 3rd quarter? Wouldn't the made 3 point shot still have an affect on outcome of game potentially? If you warn and not T team you cannot disallow shot attempt. I can see warning if shot does not go in, maybe.

Just curious

LUV 2:

I think what Hawks is saying here that there is an appropriate time and place to warn a coach about this play in some situations. This is using good game management. In our game this occurred with 7 seconds to go in the first quarter. My partner simply told him about the infraction at the quarter break and we never saw the play again all night. At the time the play occurred my partner and I were the only 2 in the Gym that knew the play was illegal. The opposing coach never even knew of our discussion with the offending coach. IMO a little preventative officiating prevents many problems. Obviously if this play was run again or in a game deciding situation, we would have had to administer the immediate T.
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