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I've been through this 50 times.

Originally posted by MN 3 Sport Ref
Varsity HS boys game last night. This view is presented from that of the lead. Team A inbound just outside right lane line. A1 passes in to A2 who is outside left block. A2 passes to A3 who is at top of key. A3 then passes to inbounder who is in right corner who drains a 3. Seems legal right. Here is the wrinkle. A1 remained OOB for (a conservative) 3 seconds and then moves 6-8 feet OOB around a screen and catches the ball IB to drain the 3. FED Rule 10.3.3 and case book 10.3.3 sitch B seems to very explicitly say that this is a technical foul for delaying to return after legally being OOB. We warned the coach between quarters that this was the case and of course he acted as if we were nuts. Just want some thoughts of the board on this. (May have been brought up in a prev thread) Thanks.

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Warn 'em, if you like, then T the player if they don't clean it up. That inbounds play has been around since . . . before 'Nam It's wise-*** coaching.
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