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Originally posted by DJ
I wonder if the rules committee has ever discussed changing the three second count to more than three seconds because it seems that the rule interpetation has evolved to be something other than the rule. Next question is what is the right number? Three? Four....? I don't think that three is a reasonable number and seldom see that interpetation.

I'm with you on this one. I think it is a bit outdated as well. Have not heard whether the Federation is or has experimented with this rule. Anyone else?

As far as the right number. Off the top of my head, 5 seconds seems like it would fit better. It falls in the time perimeters of our other time limits. Emphasis I think would have to be given to call at the 5 second mark not 2-3 seconds later like many of us seem to do now with the current 3 sec. limit.

Coaches, would it change your coaching and play set-ups much to have it at a longer limit such as 5 seconds?
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