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Re: Picnic and a campout

Originally posted by DownTownTonyBrown

10, 15, 20 Yikes!!!

Many teams can't even hold on to the ball for 20 seconds.

Do you talk to your players during this 10-15-20 seconds?

If you know it is 20, you surely know it is well past 3.

I don't call very many but I have neve seen anyone in the key for even 10 seconds - probably because I call the violation well before that. Honestly I will go several games without needing to call that violation.... "Get out of the key." usually works except for the slowest of players. [/B]

Try this the next time you are going to watch a HS game, bring a stopwatch. Time the players in the lane and I think you are going to be in for a surprise.
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