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Originally posted by yellowjacket73
I was officiating a jr high basketball game in the 1st quarter.Team(A) is ahead by 6 points. Team (A)has possesion and brings the ball past the division line.
Team (B)is sitting back in a zone defense. Team (A)coach
wants the opposing team to come out and get his players,
so he instructs his player to stand there and hold the ball.
He stands there for the better part of 3 minutes and team (b) does not come out after him. Is there a rule that says
team (b) must come out after team (A)? If so what rule is it? Thanks for any insight.
WHen my daughter was playing, her coach set this up in one game. They stood there for over three minutes. Us parents were baffled and amazed to see this. Of course, it was nice to cut down on the fouls -- that's probably the longest we ever went without a call.
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