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Hi Robert. Glad you found us here. As BITS said, this forum will probably be your second best resource (right behind your mentor) as you try to improve.

Your question. Fashion varies from area to area. Around here (Massachusetts), you'd be expected to have a V-neck t-shirt. You can find them pretty easily at any officiating supply website.

Honestly, I don't remember my first game, but I don't think you should feel bad about yours in any way. Even if you totally screwed it up (which you clearly didn't), new officials often have problems remembering their training in their first game. Everybody goes through it. Don't let it get you down at all.

Things to work on -- one at a time -- in your next few games. 1) Reporting to the table. Hustle to the table. STOP! Report slowly.

2) Stopping the clock properly. Straight arm. Open hand for violations. Closed fist for fouls.

3) Watching off the ball. It's very hard to make the adjustment from ball-watching fan to matchup-watching official. Start now (or soon) getting used to NOT watching the ball when it's not in your area of responsibility.

Keep checking in, ok? Good luck in your next game.
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