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I'm new to this site and to officiating, so please be kind. Have been a coach (rec league for 7 years), 2 years as an A.D., & 2 years as a basketball official (rec league, 5th thru 8th grade), plus all these years as a player's parent, and now training as a high school basketball official. I have one observation & 1 question: Question: Is it proper etiquette to wear a black crew neck tee-shirt under the standard v-neck uniform shirt, or should I continue to search for a black v-neck tee-shirt? Is it OK for the tee-shirt to slightly show (at the neck) underneath the uniform shirt? Observation: Have been training heavily for several months and have a good working knowledge of the rules. Will be a cadet and take the course and test in the fall. I'm trying to get some games under my belt and did my first High School JV girls game last night. Will Rogers said something to the effect of, "If you think you're in control of your life, try giving orders to someone else's dog." Likewise, if you think you can officiate, try it. I quickly learned that all my experience meant almost nothing, it's like a completely different game depending upon your perspective. Knowledge of rules plus good mechanics should equal a good ref effort. I was terrible. As soon as I stepped onto the court, everything I knew went right out the window, especially after my first whistle when the gym went silent, waiting for my words of wisdom. I guess I don't know what I was expecting. My mentor, very experienced partner and 13 year old daughter all thought I was OK (well, my daughter has to say so, after all, I've done it for her too). My 2nd half performance was much better than my 1st half. The game was a huge blowout from the start so at least I did not affect the outcome. I had 2 very kind coaches who actually complimented me after the game (should get them into Heaven some day). My partner told me to try to focus on 1-2 aspects per game. After 10 games, hopefully I will be better in several areas. Everybody has a first game. How was yours? Please, your constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.
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