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I'm pretty much in the same boat as Don. I just don't see the IP as a big issue.

The general feeling in our association is that an IP concerning the leap and/or crow hop has to be absolutely clear to be called. The IP with the hands needs to be called every time.

Case in point: Several of us were working at a large HS tourney last spring. I was standing talking to other umps during our off games next to a field where a game was in progress. Out of my periphial vison, I thought I saw an unusual delivery by the pitcher. I directed everybody's attention to the pitcher. Her delivery was very unusual and could have been called illegal, but was still borderline. All of the umps present agreed that they would not call the IP, but would watch her very carefully throughout the game.

We had an umpire last year call eight illegal pitches in a row on a pitcher at the start of the game. He talked to her after the first two, but she continued to pitch in exactly the same way. The umpire in question said that it seemed that the pitcher wanted to engage in a "battle of wills" with him. She finally realized that she wasn't going to win and started to pitch legally.
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