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The three second call is interpreted in different ways in different associations, and at different levels. What we are told here in Portland, Oregon, is that if the person is there for 4 or 5 but not receiving the ball, and not setting screens, just standing, give a little elbow room, and see what happens. If that person receives the ball, TWEET!! or of they are actively gaining a screening advantage, TWEET!!. 1/4 inch of shoe leather on the line isn't really anything to keep track of. That's how it's supposed to be bcalled around here.

Others will tell you that it is called very tightly and rigidly, or that they are more loose than we are. If you want the skinny in your area, you should find the ref who works the highest level of play at your age group, and ask what the general agreement is for your locale. Ask this as a general piece of information, not prior to a game, and not immediately after so it doesn't look like you're "working the ref."
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