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Lightbulb You called it.......

you can tell the coach. The issue should be to inform the coach of what was called. The main person that knows this, is the calling official. It is very possible that the non-calling official has no clue who and what happen on the foul. To me, this "mechanic" can cause more confusion and can delay the informing of the coach. Because if the other officials are doing their job, they are not going to be aware that a kid fouled out or might not know who it was called on.

I had this happen twice this year and I just told the coach myself, started the 30 second timer and let the non-calling official take care of the substitution. Not much different than if I had called a foul and go opposite table. The last two years when we had the "immediate" substitution experimental rule, we did the very same thing, just had the non-calling official take care of the substitution.

That is the best way to handle it in my opinion and is the way I plan to handle it from here on out. Most officials like this better.

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