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Originally posted by Warrenkicker
Around here we get game tape to review ourselves.

Most, if not all, athletic directors will give you a copy of their game tape if you ask. I have always taken my own to them with a mailer already addressed and with postage so that it doesn't cost them anything. We have done this each of the last four seasons. In a special case last year I had my brother go with us to a game. We asked if he could stand in the press box and tape the game for us to review. They had no problem with it. He was able to tape us and not follow the ball through the air like tv camera men do. We got a much higher quality tape to review from this game. Game tape review is very helpful as you can see what you look like and see what you did instead of remember what you did.
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We did review it was team film brout to assc from the coaches, reviewed in group setting. Not a great idea, should be brought to crews attention, to avoid conflict. Better way!! Have crew chief drop 600 clams on nice video disc camera(like I just did) and have him bring it with an operator!!! I do enjoy the idea of film footage of ourselves, can only improve oneself.

I have seen some of my baseball stuff on tv and obtained some video from FED schools over the past 10 seasons, boy did I seee some bad crap years ago! Much better now, only had 1 bad game in football this year, we all sucked that one.............
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