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Re: Extending a period for a foul --NF

Originally posted by Bill D
I agree that 3-3-3 as now written is the result of an "editorial change". However, generally editorial changes do not result in changes in game administration.

I agree that under the new "last down" language, we would need an untimed kick off. However, what is your support for enforcing the OPI yardage on the kick off? That would require succeeding spot enforcement.
I'm not sure about that one either. Quite honestly, I'm not sure the rules provide us with an answer to that question.

BTW, that issue would exist even without the untimed down issue. If OPI occurs on a try, we know the down isn't replayed but is the 15 yards assessed or not? I began looking for it earlier today and I find no rule that says it can be marked from the SS.
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