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I made the interps!

Since we are only about a month away from starting our season and are beginning to have meetings, I thought that I would finally check the NFHS website and read the interpretations. Well, I was quite surprised to see that a play, which I posted on this board earlier this summer appears as situation 5. It is almost word for word what I wrote! Definite proof that they read our board or that someone who does feeds them some info.
Originally posted by Nevadaref on July 2, 2003
A player for blue beats his defender with the dribble at the top of the key. He reaches the free throw line and pulls up for a jumpshot. Just as he reaches the apex of his jump and prepares to release the shot, a second defender comes from the side and swats the ball from his hands. The ball goes behind the shooter's head and bounces on the floor near the top of the key. This defender for black continues in his path and is just about to scoop up the ball, when the original shooter spins around, dives backward, and bats the ball into the backcourt where a waiting teammate of his catches it.
Of course, since Brad has disabled the search function on the board I can't locate my original (thanks to JR, it is now included above), but here is the NFHS interp.
SITUATION 5: At the top of the key, A1 beats B1 off the dribble, reaches the free-throw line, and pulls up for a jump shot. At the apex of the jump and before the ball is released, B2 comes from the side and swats the ball out of A1’s hands. The ball goes behind A1, deflects off A2 and into the backcourt, where A3 is the first to touch it. RULING: A backcourt violation shall be called. Team control had continued for Team A because the try ended before the ball was in flight. (4-12-3a; 4-40-3,4; 9-9-1)

BTW, as I admitted at the time of the posting, I thought that I kicked this play as I didn't call the backcourt violation.
Now if we can only get a ruling on those pesky throw-in plays. T, violation, legal play, etc.

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