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Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
I think you are right to give the net.

It's not a BRA until the ball completely crosses the plane of the net or is legally blocked. since neither of those things happened, no need to give the discreet BRA signal.
Originally Posted by Felixx
This. When you give discreet help, you should be indicating a fault you feel occurred. Since the attack wasn't completed, the illegal attack signal should not have been given
Ok, I get that. (Like we no longer give "leading fours") But this was so bang-bang, and I wasn't sure if the ball had completely crossed because I'm watching the top of the net, not the ball. So it felt like I should give my R1 information so he could make a decision on the position of the ball. But I bow to the wisdom of the group.

In this play, then, I simply handle my own net responsibility and blow the whistle. If the R1 judges that the ball had completely crossed the plane of the net prior to the net contact, he can tap his chest or something to indicate that he's going with his call prior to my net? Is that how you'd handle it as R1?
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