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Communication during bang-bang play

Today I worked a HS match as R2 with a great official as my partner. We had an interesting play and I'd like to hear thoughts on how to handle it as a team. We were not using headsets. Here's the play.

Setter for Team A is in the back row. He comes to the net to save an overpass. He contacts the ball while it is entirely above the height of the net, but can't pull it back and it goes into the plane of the net.

Team B player jumps to block the back-row attack hit, but misses the ball and hits the net.

Here's what happened. I instinctively blew my whistle and indicated the net fault. And then I gave a discreet "back row" signal.

Normally, I would want to give that discreet signal right away, right? But if I gave the signal, am I going to be late with the net contact? In our post-match discussion, my partner felt that the ball was still in the plane of the net (and was untouched by Team B) when the net contact occurred, so he took the net call.

I absolutely trust him to make that judgment. My question is about how I can be a good teammate on that play. Should I just handle my own net responsibility? Do I give help first? After?

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