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Originally Posted by pzebra View Post
You did not say whether there were 9 or 10 players in the lineup. NFHS rules allow for two different types of DH. One is a "traditional" DH similar to MLB, except that the DH can bat for any defensive player (not just the pitcher).

The other is called a "Player/DH" where a player plays defense but also bats for some other defensive player. In this case there would only be 9 players in the lineup.

The PlayerDH is locked into the batting order. And can also play defense. In your example it sounds like the P/DH was batting for the right fielder. This article from South Dakota does a pretty good job explaining the NFHS DH rules.
A P/DH cannot bat for the right fielder. IT allows that player to be removed as P but stay in the game as the DH for the substitute P.

Edit: In most codes a P/DH is Pitcher/DH, and that's how I read it. So my statement above is not quite correct. F9 can be a P(layer) /DH in FED. The post in red above is still incorrect. The P/DH does not bat "for some other defensive player." He bats AND plays defense, but can remain ad DH when he is replaced on defense.

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