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Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
In an NFHS or NCAAM game, offensive foul is the wrong term as well. This means that one comic book panel managed to get three things wrong at once (#7 is an illegal number and Barnes is shooting free throws for an "offensive foul").
"Offensive" foul was stated by Marty Moon, the obnoxious play-by-play man for WMFD radio, whose descriptions serve as narrative for the strip's game sequences, so we should all expect such a mistake by an announcer (but an announcer should know that there will be no free throws due to this being player control foul).

"Offensive Foul! Rodney Barnes Will Shoot Two!"

Note: Moon tried to steal poetry teacher Holly Dobbs, Thorp's fiancé. Dobbs ran out on Thorp soon after Thorp and Dobbs were engaged.
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