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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
There was also a #8, so on a six player team, somebody with an illegal number had to play.

Also, there's third error, this is a home game for the Hillside High School Tigers.

Note: There was once a single Hillside High School in Minnesota (a state where the home teams wear dark jerseys), but it's now an early childhood center, and the present high school (no longer called Hillside High School) mascot is the "Storm".
In college, this might be legal. 9 is now a legal number for both men's and women's basketball. However, I have no idea in what universe brown can be considered a light color. At the same time, if the two schools agree to have the home team wear the brown uniforms (because the home team's conference certifies in writing that brown contrasts with the other teams color), that could happen. However, a team playing in brown definitely would not be able to do so with white undershirts.

At the NFHS level, this is completely illegal. However, what rubbed me the most the wrong way was shooting free throws for an offensive foul. They don't do that in the NBA, because offensive fouls do not count towards the penalty at that level (unlike amateur basketball, the foul count is referred to from the point of view of the team committing the foul, so that 5 fouls in each quarter (or 2 in the last 2 minutes) triggers the penalty against them. In amateur basketball, the rules view the foul count as providing the offended team with the opportunity for bonus free throws)). That does not happen at any other level either. Loose ball fouls may look like offensive fouls, because they are committed by the team that last had control of the ball, but at the levels that have them (NCAAM and NBA) they are explicitly defined as NOT being player/team control/offensive fouls.. In an NFHS or NCAAM game, offensive foul is the wrong term as well. This means that one comic book panel managed to get three things wrong at once (#7 is an illegal number and Barnes is shooting free throws for an "offensive foul").
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