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A Little Corner Of Connecticut ...

Gil Thorp is a sports-oriented comic strip which has been published since September 8, 1958. The main character, Gil Thorp, is the athletic director of Milford High School and coaches the football, basketball, and baseball teams. The strip was created by Jack Berrill, who modeled and named Thorp after baseball player Gil Hodges and Olympic athlete Jim Thorpe. The setting of Milford is named for New Milford, Connecticut. Berrill lived in nearby Brookfield, Connecticut.

The strip has been drawn by several illustrators over the past sixty years: Berrill, Warren Sattler, Frank Bolle, Ray Burns, Frank McLaughlin, and now Rod Whigham.

Editors should run the strip by a basketball official (or a football official, or a baseball umpire) before publishing.

The strip often covers other high school sports: ice hockey, softball, wrestling, golf, etc.
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