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Misunderstood Rules ...

Originally Posted by JamesBCrazy View Post
I live in the mystical land of IAABO so I'll side with them over the NFHS rulebook, a change which was likely made in error (possibly based on the "BCV throw-ins are at the division line" myth.)

Yes, it was a myth.

With the new "four special spots" rule, I have to remove this section (below) from my List of Misunderstood Basketball Rules.

After a violation, the ball is awarded to the opponents for a throwin from an out of bounds spot nearest the violation. This is especially true for a backcourt violation, where the ball may not necessarily be put in play at the division line, but, rather, is always put back in play at the spot nearest the violation.

Also a myth that a three second violation goes to the point of interruption, rather it goes to the closest spot to the violation (in the lane).
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