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Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
I like all of the changes. I believe that eliminating 1&1 speeds up the end of games as teams are less likely to foul since they will be conceding two free throws and the team with the lead would have to miss both in order to not increase its advantage.

I do have a question about the new rule permitting an incorrect throw-in to be fixed.

“7-6-6: Allows the official administering a throw-in to the wrong team to correct the mistake before the first dead ball after the ball becomes live unless there is a change of possession. Rationale: Allows for a correction of an official's mistake in a more reasonable timeframe.”

Why does it have to be only the administering official who can correct this? I hope that it will be worded such that any of the officials can do so.
To me, this is like saying the Referee designates the scorebook and officials scorer before the game starts or says the Referee inspects all the equipment, court, backboard, and other things. We know we do that as a crew, not just the Referee, and inspecting is not going up to each item and seeing if it is legal. We do that together and if my partner does not feel something is right, I am not saying "I'm the Referee so I can only do......" We do this together. Bad wording for what is reality, but if the non-administring officials notice something, we changing it if it is wrong. Just my opinion.

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