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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Because he seemed to be confusing the new shorts rule with the old and existing jersey rule (that only cites jerseys).

In the past some officials new to our local area, questioned seeing different color (junior varsity and varsity) shorts and in varsity games, something that they might not have been exposed to in their previous local area, and had to be told that (at the time) there were no NFHS color restrictions on shorts.

Since my post I have discovered that JRutledge is actually questioning the language of the new shorts rule, wondering if "like color" means the same (or similar) color, a valid question that we'll both have to wait to get answered until the NFHS publishes the actual rule language and interpretations.

I'm leaning toward "like color" meaning the same (or similar) color, but with my history of mind reading the NFHS, I'm not betting my house on it.
I was not confused by anything. My take was specifically that the rule basically was not a change, it was simply a clarification and not even explained what "similar color" means. It did not say they had to share the same color. It would be like a player that was on the sophomore or JV team playing with the varsity and they had a white jersey but the stripe is different. We already allowed that. Or if there is white on much of the shorts, but not totally white but the other teammates are wearing all white. So are we not allowing that to take place? Again, pretty much what the rule was before IMO unless they say it is more restrictive (which interpretation).

I know you do not get this fact, but many people know rules just as good as you if not better. Or been in situations that you might not have experienced. I literally work HS basketball in two states. And one of those states the NF Headquarters is located. IJS.

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