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Reverse The Call ...

Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
Why does it have to be only the administering official who can correct this?
Maybe it will allow communication between officials but leave it up the administering official to actually decide to reverse the call, similar to how we already communicate on possibly reversing a partner's questionable out of bounds call.

"Hey partner. We may have screwed up that throwin a few seconds ago. What do you think? Should you reverse it? You were the administering official."

I've got a good question.

Back to original spot of throwin, or to the point of interruption?

I'm guessing point of interruption, but but with my history of mind reading the NFHS, I'm not betting my villa in Tuscany on it.

If a head coach politely questions the nonadministering official, who is convinced into also questioning the throwin, and then stops the game to discuss with the administering official, and both officials decide that no error was made, it will definitely be point of interruption.

I would think that to also be true if the throwin was reversed - point of interruption.
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