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Shorts And Jerseys ...

Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
Jeff was specifically commenting about shorts, why are you posting references about jerseys?
Because he seemed to be confusing the new shorts rule with the old and existing jersey rule (that only cites jerseys).

In the past some officials new to our local area, questioned seeing different color (junior varsity and varsity) shorts and in varsity games, something that they might not have been exposed to in their previous local area (it is rare in a high school games), and had to be told that (at the time) there were no NFHS color restrictions on shorts.

Since my post I have discovered that JRutledge is actually questioning the language of the new shorts rule, wondering if "like color" means the same (or similar) color, a valid question that we'll both have to wait to get answered until the NFHS publishes the actual rule language and interpretations.

I'm leaning toward "like color" meaning the same (or similar) color, but with my history of mind reading the NFHS, I'm not betting my house on it.
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