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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Great point Raymond. Thanks. I fixed my post.

Will the rocket ship diagram still be used to determine a sideline "spot", or an endlne "spot", when a defensive team commits a violation, a common foul prior to the bonus, or the ball becomes dead?

I took Mr. Fiore's geometry class and Mr. Madden's trigonometry class over 50 years ago, but I still may remember enough to know that "nearest" (new rule language) spot may not necessarily be determined from the rocket ship diagram.

Wouldn't a new diagram look like diagonal lines coming out of each corner at 45 degree angles, meeting near the top of the key, and then becoming the basket line?

Now I have to remember to carry a protractor in my back pocket.
I don't expect the diagram to change aside form the destination of the throw in. The wording "nearest" wording isn't any different. The original diagram is easy to judge because the FT semi-circle gives you distinct lines to use instead of eye-balling an imaginary line....and the difference is very subtle.

That said, the current college diagram appears to exclude the semi-circle and would push those to the side. See Page 72 of (2021-22 NCAA-M book)
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