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Leaving The Court For An Unauthorized Reason ...

Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
No one ever enforced the "leaving the court for an unauthorized reason" verbiage.
Never called it myself, but few years ago (maybe it was a few decades ago) I had an offensive player run out of bounds around a screen, and he almost ran me over as the lead official. It surprised me, and I let it go, but vowed to call the violation the next time he did it. After a switch after a foul, my partner was now the lead on the same endline and made the call without me telling him anything about the situation.

Over forty-plus years, I've called a few violations for players who step out of bounds in an attempt to avoid a three second violation.

Called a foul on a player (not her fifth foul) who's body language showed that she was upset with the official who made the foul call and then ran off the court (not waiting for a substitute) straight into the locker room. After checking with the coach that it was for an unauthorized reason (not a bathroom break, injury, etc.) we charged her with the technical foul. Seen this called only once in forty-plus years.
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