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Short Shorts (The Royal Teens, 1958)

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
3-4-5: Requires uniform bottoms on teammates to be like-colored while allowing different styles of uniform bottoms among teammates. Rationale: Clarifies that teammates must all wear like-colored uniform bottoms but may wear multiple styles while aligning language with other NFHS rules codes.
Yeah, I get it, rules that restrict equipment colors benefit officials by allowing them to easily identify players on each team during fast paced action.

But we have several teams in our local area where junior varsity shorts are different colors than varsity shorts (a kind of rite of passage).

Coaches will often reward junior varsity players by inviting some of them (with their "wrong" color shorts) to sit on the varsity bench.

Pretty sure that our CIAC will have to make some exceptions until everybody goes through a new uniform cycle (or maybe beyond).

I've always been very pleased that the NFHS didn't have any color restrictions on shorts, shoes, and socks.

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