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Agree And Disagree ...

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
4-8-1: Eliminates the one-and-one for common fouls beginning with the seventh team foul in the half and establishes the bonus as two free throws awarded for a common foul beginning with the team’s fifth foul in each quarter and resets the fouls at the end of each quarter. Rationale: Improves flow by providing an opportunity for teams to adjust their play by not carrying over fouls from quarters 1 and 3 to quarters 2 and 4 while significantly reducing the opportunity for correctable errors to occur. Minimizes risk of injury by eliminating the one-and-one and reducing opportunities for rough play during rebounding opportunities.
Agree that eliminating the one-and-one will reduce rebounding opportunities and rough play.

Agree that this will reduce SOME correctable errors, for example scorers not notifying officials of the change from the old bonus (one and one) to the old "double" bonus (two free throws) will be eliminated. Most of our middle schools do not show team fouls on the scoreboard.

Disagree because SOME correctable errors will double, the change from no free throws to bonus (now two free throws) will happen four times a game instead of twice a game, now four chances for the scorers to screw up and not notify officials of the change.

I believe that the correctable errors regarding these "bonus" situations will even out, no more, no less.

Still four times a game for the scorer to screw up, especially in my middle school games.

Another good thing, fewer non-shooter free throw violations.
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